Frequently Asked Questions

While we've done our best to make this list as comprehensive as possible, we know there's probably still some questions that we missed! So, if you think of anything else, feel free to shoot us an email via the "contact us" page!

                                         GENERAL QUESTIONS                                         

What are your COVID policies?

You can find a full description of our COVID-19 policies on our Covid Safety page, linked here.

Are my tickets refundable?

No, tickets are non-refundable except in the event of a total event cancellation.

Is there an age requirement to attend?

No, there is no formal age requirement, however, we cannot control the content of the panels, meaning there may be some "PG-13" content. We ask that you use your best judgement when it comes to bringing kids to the convention.

Do I need to pay extra for the panels? 

No, all main-stage panels are included in your passes. However, there may be special Q&As (not main-stage panels) that require an extra ticket.

Do you have a discount on hotel rooms?

Yes! We have a block of rooms with our host hotel, the Marriott Buckhead, which can be booked here. Please note that the page may say that the reservation window has passed, however, hotel reservations remain open.

                                         PURCHASING TICKETS                                         

Can extras (photo-ops, autographs, etc.) or passes be transferred to or shared with someone else?

At event check-in, you'll be asked to write a name on your pass and extras. Once a name has been written on those, you will be unable to transfer them or share them with anyone else.

Will I be able to purchase passes or extras on-site?

Due to planning purposes, passes will not be available to purchase on-site. Remaining extras will be on sale on-site, dependent on available stock. Please note that you will save money by pre-ordering your extras online. We do this for a couple reasons, the main being that pre-ordering your extras makes it much easier for our team to plan for the day. Plus, you'll avoid waiting in additional lines, as all of your extras will already be in your envelope when you check in!

                                          ON-SITE QUESTIONS                                          

Can I take videos during the panels?

Due to specifics with some of our guests' contracts, we cannot allow video recording of the panels. However, depending on agent approval, we may be able to release clips on our YouTube channel in the weeks to come.

Can I ask questions during the Q&A Panels?

Yes! We will include time for a Q&A section at the end of each panel. Please note that questions must be pre-screened by a team member before you're able to ask it into the microphone. In the event that you ask a non-approved question, you risk being removed from the convention with no refund.

If I see one of the guests walking around the venue, may I take a selfie or ask for an autograph?

As our guests are on very tight schedules for the convention, we must ask that you refrain from asking for a selfie or autograph if you see them walking around. If you'd like a photo or an autograph, we encourage you to purchase one of their respective extras!

May I hug the guests? 

This will be at the sole discretion of our guests. Due to the Covid pandemic, some guests may be uncomfortable with hugs at this time. We will list if a guest is comfortable or not with hugs on their sign at their photo-op

May I bring gifts to give the guests?

Yes, you may give tasteful gifts to the guests at their autograph session or meet and grett only. Gifts may not be given at photo-ops or panels. Please be aware that our guests have limited luggage space to return home, so we encourage you to refrain from any oversized gifts.

                                          PHOTO-OP QUESTIONS                                          

How many people may be in a photo-op?

Photo-op tickets are valid for one attendee and one photo. If you and your friend would like to take a photo together with a guest, you must both have a photo-op ticket and you will get two photos (two different poses) with the guest.

May I ask for special poses with the guest?

Yes, you may ask for special poses, so long as they can be explained and executed quickly. You may bring a reference photo on your phone if you'd like to show the guest. No one may be lifted off the ground, neither guest nor attendee, and so we ask that you not request this of the guest. Please do not ask the guest to kiss you. Please keep all poses respectful and comfortable for all. The Fier Con team reserves the right to veto any pose it deems inappropriate.

                                      EXTRA ACTIVITY QUESTIONS                                      

When will the Fear Street: 1666 watch party be and how can I attend?

The 1666 watch party will begin at sundown on Friday and a TBA location. In the event of rain, the watch party will be moved to the Marriott Buckhead. You must have a ticket to attend or the Fear Street upgrade.

When will the cocktail party be and how can I attend?

The Saturday Cocktail Party will be on Saturday at 8:00 PM and will last until 10:00 PM. Admission is $100 and it includes complimentary food and non-alcoholic drinks, a live musical performance, and the chance to meet a few of our celebrity guests. You must have a pass to the event to purchase a cocktail party.

What guests will be at the cocktail party?

As this directly depends on guest availability, we are unable to announce the guests that will be attending the cocktail party until the week of the convention. Guests may be Saturday or Sunday guests.