What makes Fier Con different?


Every convention is different -- that's part of what makes them so fun! But we know that it can be scary not knowing what you're getting into! As we know many of our attendees are coming to us from larger scale, comic con sized events, we wanted to take a minute to talk about what makes Fier Con different! So, if you have a minute and are interested in attending (or maybe you're already planning on it) we encourage you to give this page a quick read.

we're a small convention!

While we LOVE a larger con with 1,000+ attendees, that's not what Fier Con is. We keep things small with a capped attendance of no more than 500 attendees per day. We do this for a few reasons -- The most obvious one is that we want to make sure that your time with the guests is un-rushed and genuine (more on this in the next slide!) The second reason is that we want to make sure the experience itself is as seamless as possible for YOU! By capping attendance, we feel more prepared to create a convention experience that is as organized and stress-free as possible.

we're here to cultivate genuine interactions

We get it -- conventions are expensive. So, at the very least, we want you to feel like you're getting your money's worth when it comes to spending time with the guests! To ensure this, we cap the total number of autographs and photo-ops sold to make sure that your experience doesn't feel rushed.


Of course, if you're looking for an opportunity to have more of a conversation with your favorite guests, we encourage you to purchase a MEET AND GREET (most of them have less than 10 attendees right now!) But even if you only do an autograph or photo-op, we want to make sure you get your special moment, not just a quick hi-bye.

we offer fun activities!

In addition to our panels, meet and greets, photo-ops, and autographs, you can join us for several fun events throughout the weekend!


Enjoy a movie night under the stars with fellow Fear Street fans to watch and celebrate one of the films that first inspired Fier Con at our Fear Street: 1666 Watch Party on Friday!


Mingle with some of Fier Con’s celebrity guests (from both Saturday and Sunday) while enjoying complimentary cocktails, mocktails, and a LIVE performance by musician Glüme at our Saturday Cocktail Party! 

George Baron

Want to learn more about indie filmmaking? Come to Blue Rose director George Baron's Lunch and Learn workshop on Sunday! Ticket includes lunch and a 30 minute workshop during the day's lunch break.

Our team has been working around the clock since November 2021 to create this event for you all, and we're so excited that it's finally almost here! We know that you probably still have lots of questions, so keep an eye out for a new FAQ that we'll be releasing with our final FIER CON event schedule within the next few days!


- Team GoldRush -